Publication Fee

Center for International Research Development is committed to expanding global knowledge. In view of this, adopting open access model of publication was considered most appropriate as such highly support our vision and mission. We therefore request authors to pay a minimal publication fee as stated below in various journals to enable us continue with our drive of expanding global knowledge

S/N Name of Journal Publication Fee
1 Academic Journal of Current Research $65
2 Academic Journal of Nursing and Health Education $70
3 Academic Journal of Statistics and Mathematics $55
4 British International Journal of Education and Social Sciences $65
5 Chemistry, Biology and Physical Science Academic Journal $20
6 Clinical Laboratory and Dentistry Research Journal $20
7 Contemporary Marketing Research Journal $65
8 Developing Economy Journal $55
9 Economics and Social Science Academic Journal $20
10 European Journal of Accounting, Finance and Investment $65
11 Hypertension and Obstetric Research Journal $70
12 International Academic Journal of Medical and Clinical Practice $70
13 International Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology $70
14 Journal of Accounting Information and Innovation $65
15 Journal of Environment, Earth Sciences and Ecology $20
16 Language, Literature and Communication Journal $20
17 Logistics and Tourism International Journal $55
18 Management and Human Resource Research Journal $65
19 Pediatric and Pregnancy Review $20
20 Pharmacology and Alternate Medicine Academic Journal $70
21 Probability Statistics & Econometric $20
22 South Africa Journal of Oncology and Tumor $55
23 Transdisciplinary Research and Review $55